Saturday, December 04, 2004

Genre : Rock - 'Is This Music?'

For some reason this song belongs to the showgazing genre but I'll put it as rock anyway because of the genre of music that they play most of the time.

I find this song beautiful and lushful. This song was released back in 1991 but it is still lingering around. Lyrics are not required for this type of music, it is beautiful already on its own.

Uncomplicated. Raw. Intriguing.

Is This Music by Teenage Fanclub.

Sorry. Here is the link.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Genre: Indie Rock - 'Hello? Is This Thing On?'

chk chk chk

Firstly there's the problem with pronouncing the band's name. How the hell do you say !!!?! The closest everyone can think of is chk chk chk or chik chik chik. Well at least they live up to their name! Here's an excellent example and my favourite song at the moment -- Hello? Is This Thing On?

Download it here

Friday, October 08, 2004

Genre: Soundtrack - EVA

Admit that there's only one anime that you've ever really liked, and it's this one.
And listen to this cheesy theme song !!!

download it now

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Genre : Alternative Rock - 'Forget Her'

Jeff Buckley, though not around anymore since 1997 but you can consider him as a young legend and as you know legend never dies in the eyes of music fans.

In conjunction with 10th anniversary release of his landmark album Grace in 1994, Sony Music launched Grace Legacy Edition two months ago. It's a 3 cd deluxe package that includes double CDs and one DVD. Rather attractive deal for those Buckley fans.

This poignant and melancholy track is previously unreleased when I downloaded it so excuse the slightly crappy quality.

Download it here.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Genre: Rock - 'Mono'

Courtney Love

Love her or hate her, the widowed Cobain, better known to tabloids as Courtney Love rocks and rocks hard, with all the bleeps in between for good measure. Listen to Mono to get what I mean.

Download it here

Genre: Rock - 'Away From The Sun'

3 Doors Down

There are a few mainstream rock bands that never fail to disappoint and you always tend to remember their songs for a long time. 3 Doors Down is one such band that never fails to deliver and this track, Away From The Sun is a perfect example of a song that will churn out many covers by aspiring rock bands in years to come.

Download it here

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Genre : Britpop - Flowers In The Window

For most of you, it has been quite a month, no?

Sadness and sorrow are like dark clouds during rainy days that won't go away.

Hope this song will cheer you guys up. Enjoy this track from Travis - Flowers In The Window. Afterall, October is just around the corner.

So now we're here and now is fine
So far away from there and there is time, time, time
To plant new seeds and watch them grow
So there'll be flowers in the window when we go.

Let's watch the flowers grow.

Download it here.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Genre: Alternative - Island In The Sun

Here is another insanely addictive song by Weezer.

Download it here